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Engineering and services for Waste Management

As for D&D, Onet Technologies has decades of experience in the field of radioactive waste management in France and internationally.

In addition to being present on the whole value chain of radwaste management, and to benefiting from real feedback due to our involvement both in engineering and on-site services, we are also the owner and operator of a radwaste management facility named SOGEVAL (located in France).

Our Activities

  • Design – Construction of radioactive waste processing and storage facilities

  • Studies, expertise and advice in all fields of Engineering for the design of nuclear and industrial facilities

  • Overall waste management: Expertise on the value chain from characterization, waste route study, decontamination, acceptance criteria, up to the repository or recycling center

  • Design – Construction and operation of facilities for the retrieval and (re)packaging of legacy waste

  • Delegated operation (on behalf of the owner) of nuclear waste packaging, storage and treatment facilities

  • SOGEVAL, our own facility for radioactive waste processing, maintenance of nuclear tools, with a buffer storage building

In Japan, Onet Technologies works with
Japanese and French partners to offer

Radioactive Waste Management studies in connection with D&D projects

Radioactive Waste Management studies in connection with D&D projects

Although our activities in France cover a large part of radioactive waste management, our highest added value in Japan regards:

  • Waste generated as a result of D&D operations (D&D waste and secondary waste) or legacy waste (waste placed in storage in the past which must be retrieved for repackaging and/or storage in compliance with new regulations).
  • Classified as Category 2 (Levels L3, L2 and L1 too).

We have strong in-house competencies for the above types of waste and we can propose:

  • Studies (or consulting) to support waste management strategies using proven methodologies. Our main added value is:
    • Our experience of defining the waste management strategy prior to detailing the D&D strategy.
    • Our experience-based risk management approach to reduce future cost and time impacts of waste management issues.
  • Support to the design of solutions or facilities to manage D&D waste from the initial characterization to the interim storage (or release after decontamination).

With partners, we can also deliver studies to address the management of special radwaste such as transuranic waste (see our projects in Japan so far).

Technologies for radioactive waste management facilities

Support to the Japanese R&D, to improve projects or to solve unique challenges

As for D&D technologies, we can support the integration of the Best Available Technologies in radioactive waste management solutions or facilities at any step of the radwaste management value chain.

Our key radioactive waste management projects
in Japan so far

Strategy for the management of Fuel Debris at Fukushima Daiichi

With this project we have proposed important directions and a concept of solution to sort the Fuel Debris and Waste. The main purpose is the reduction of the volume which will be stored and ultimately disposed as TRU (transuranic waste). This action is key to support a safe and reasonable management of the waste, including a significant reduction of the costs.


Study of Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) and concepts of storage for the Fuel Debris

With this project we have supported a key action with two important main purposes:

Firstly, to increase the preparedness for storing the Fuel Debris and Waste and thus reduce the risk of slowing down the Dismantling of Fukushima Daiichi.

Secondly, to beginning anticipating the phase of transfer from storage to disposal in view of reducing the risk of very costly repackaging of waste in the future.


Innovative technologies for radioactive waste sorting

We are working on key technological needs identified as a result of our past studies.

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