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Activities in Japan 

Decontamination & Dismantling
Dismantling studies, expertise and advice in all fields of Engineering
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RadWaste Management
Overall waste management
Radwaste Management Onet Technologies
Fire Safety & Risk Management
High quality and cost-effective solutions to assist clients in managing and reducing their risk
Fire Safety and Risk Management Solutions
Onet Technologies
Support our customers in the complete lifecycle of their nuclear and conventional plants
Onet Technologies
Alain Gauvin
Since 40 years, we accompany the major players of the nuclear energy sector, amongst other complex industrial environments, around 3 strategical businesses : Engineering and maintenance of nuclear reactors, decommissioning and radioactive waste management as well as services to plant operators.
accompanying major playersof the nuclear energy sector

Alain Gauvin, CEO

Onet Technologies

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in Japan 

Connected to the Dismantling of Fukushima Daiichi

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    Bringing our D&D experience in first studies which have contributed to the "Integrated Dose Reduction Planning" Projects 

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    Proposing the application of an innovative technology, Laser Cutting for Nuclear Dismantling, to the complex Fuel Debris Retrieval challenge.

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    Further adapting the Laser Cutting technologies to the Fuel Debris Retrieval and starting the study of aerosols generated by the technique for this application at Fukushima Daiichi. 

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    Focusing on the collect of aerosols generated during Fuel Debris Retrieval to ensure the Safety of the future operations. Starting to work on new topics, such as nuclear measurements. 

  • 5


    Starting to support several Japanese Clients in three connected fields: Decontamination & Dismantling, Radioactive Waste Management and Safety.

  • 6


    Opening a Representative Office in Tokyo.

    A cornerstone was laid for the establishment of a lasting presence in Japan.

    By setting-up a Representative Office at the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, in central Tokyo, we progressed towards our goal to further support our Clients locally.

  • 7


    Registration of Onet Technologies Kabushiki Kaisha

    Onet Technologies K.K. was created in September 2022 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Onet

We are continuously supporting the Japanese nuclear industry in three important fields

Strong focus of each of our D&D and Radwaste Management projects to propose Safe and efficient solutions

Examples of projects in Japan:

Extensive works on the understanding of aerosols and particles for Fuel Debris Retrieval at Fukushima Daiichi

Innovative Technologies to collect aerosols and to avoid the dispersion of dust during Fuel Debris Retrieval
Radioactive Waste Management
Bringing the experience of an engineering and service company present on the whole value chain of radioactive waste management

Examples of projects in Japan:

Studies of Fuel Debris management strategy, Waste Acceptance Criteria and options for storage.

Innovative Technologies for radioactive waste sorting.
Remotely Operated Dismantling
Special focus on remotely operated Dismantling, one of the companies core competences.

Examples of projects in Japan:

Innovative Laser Cutting Technologies for nuclear dismantling

Integration of technologies in systems and solutions for remote operations

Innovation is key
to improve D&D projects and address to address unique challenges

Laser Cutting for Nuclear Dismantling

  • Specific laser technology (for nuclear dismantling) initially developed due to the many benefits it has compared to conventional cutting techniques
  • Technology proven in France, used in 2015 for the first time for the large-scale dismantling of highly radioactive components
  • Candidate to address some of the most difficult challenges of the dismantling of Fukushima Daiichi, thanks to further performance and safety development led by Onet Technologies
  • High potential of improving other dismantling projects (power nuclear reactors, fuel cycle and research facilities) in Japan as in France
Laser Cutting Onet Technologies
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